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Quickstart Guide

... it's a kinderspiel!



After you open up the Exchange Category Exporter for the first time, you will be addressed with the Autodiscover window. Please enter your email address and according password. After clicking on the autodiscover button, Exchange-Category Exporter will try to acquire necessary information automatically.

If this is not enough, you might be asked also to enter the address of your exchange server. This is normally exactly what you type in when you want to access your emails via your web browser (aka Outlook Web Access).

Afterwards you will be presented the preferences dialog, where you should double check the settings found by auto discover or enter your login information if auto discover failed (some hosted exchange server might not support it).

Enter your login information and proceed – please note that you need to fill out all the fields for proper operation. Yo can always change your information here by clicking on the Preferences icon in the main window or in the menu bar Exchange Category Exporter -> Preferences.

Exchange Server: the main adress of your exchange server without any http(s), normally the url you use to access your mails via web (something like
Domain: the domain name your user asccount is registered in (this is an AD Domain name and not related to your email address' domain!)
Username: your username (this is never an email address!)
Passwort: your password
Server Version: should normally work with "auto-detect", if for any reasons problems occur, please select the according server version.

If you didn’t complete your login information, you will be asked to enter your login information again. The Exchange Category Exporter will not work, unless you fill out all the necessary login data.


Main Window

After you provided your login details, press the Exchange Category Exporter Button to start the synching.


Inquiring and selecting categories

The Exchange Category Exporter will start to synch with your Exchange Server and search for all available categories. Depending on the amount of categories and your internet speed this process can take a couple of minutes.

After the successful synching of your categories you will be greeted with the option to select the category you want to export. Furthermore you can change the contacts folder. By default Exchange Category Exporter is using the standard contacts folder of your Exchange account. Change the folder by clicking the change button.


Select output file

Before the export starts, you just need to tell the Exchange Category Exporter where the xls file should be written too.



The export process will start and your contacts will be exported.



Once the export is finished you will receive a status report and will have the opportunity to share your success with Facebook and Twitter. Please also rate this App on the Apple OS X App Store.


Optional functions


Change folder

If you want to change the contacts folder you want to synch with, you will be able to do so, after Exchange Category Exporter finishes to get your Exchange account’s folder hierchary.